Wholesome Goodness

Angel Food Honey is like 

nothing you've ever tasted!!!

Our little farm in Mississippi has struck gold!

We have experimented extensively with ideas to produce something healthy, pure, & unique. How we do what we do will remain a strict trade secret, but we assure you it's 100% pure honey. Nothing is added to the Angel Food line & none of our honey is pasteurized; one thing is for sure, we've tapped into amazing.

We believe, this is Honey at its best.

True, but no secret...

   One truth about honey that many people have only learned in the past two decades, is that aged honey is the best honey. 

One 7 yr. old hive in a Turkish cave sold for $45,000 per jar!!! 

Great things really do take time & our products are produced in small quantities over time. We are not out to mass produce our gourmet honey - we can't. But we are out to have the most satisfied customers on the planet. 

We are beginning to set small quantities aside to produce some shockingly beautiful lines that will be marked with years - just like fine wines; the best is yet to come.